Christopher Williams

Christopher is a young Nashville-based drummer who’s clearly working his way into a long and successful career – emphasis on the word “working,” because Christopher lives and breathes drumming, all day, every day. He’s on the road a good deal of the time, playing more than 250 performances a year, and he spends his down time in Nashville doing session work, jamming, shedding and tending to his personal drums. He’s performed with Kid Rock, Lee Greenwood, Peter Stroud, Parliament Funkadelic, and Bernard Fowler, plus Jessta James, A Thousand Horses, and War Within. In April 2015, he became the drummer for ACCEPT and joined their 16-nation Blind Rage Tour. Since then, he's been continuing touring the globe with them, playing to huge crowds around the world

Christopher manages to take his work seriously and have fun at the same time – a combination that comes from his love of the job. He goes from metal to country to jazz without batting an eye, drawing on his early training in percussion including studies with Ed Shaughnessy, Jim Chapin, and Elvin Jones. We admire his tireless pursuit of great playing, his professional attitude toward his work, and his sincere and constant appreciation of his fellow musicians. But, more than that, we like watching him at his craft.