At Carolina Drumworks, we respect the materials. Our wood drum shells are made of exceptionally fine select hardwood, and we strive to bring out its beauty.

When stains or dyes are used to lend tone or color to the shell, we employ a complex hand-applied blending technique used by fine woodworkers to enhance the grain, then multiple coats of sealer to stabilize and protect the colors.

Natural wood finishes, primarily in the solid wood shells, are given two coats of a proprietary oil sealer that penetrates, seals and protects the wood, adding to the life and beauty of the drum and highlighting the pattern and visual depth of the grain.

We offer two finishes: a high-gloss (our most popular finish), and a new lustre finish that we developed to provide a softer look while still preserving the depth and contrast of the wood's color.

All Carolina Drumworks wood drums are also sealed on the interior, for protection and durability as well as for the sonic characteristics the surface of the sealer adds to the inside of the drum. Then they are given a dozen or more thin coats of clear finish by hand, with progressive wet sanding, also by hand. Finally, the drum shells are thoroughly buffed and given two coats of high quality wax to protect the finish.

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