Lugs, hoops, strainers, and snare wires

The lugs on Carolina Drumworks snares are custom made. We use our CD Signature tube-style lug designs to stand up to the high tensions used on snare drums, since single-point lugs are susceptible to being pulled by the tension rods and can place stress on the shell by twisting or leaning. This can result in a damping effect on the vibration of the shell, uneven tension of the head, or -- at worst -- a cracked shell. Tube-style lugs keep the tension running in a straight line from the tension rods right through the lugs -- about a half inch outside the shell and exactly parallel to it. So the stress stays aligned in the hardware, not twisting against the side of the shell.

Our lugs are made of high-quality Stainless steel, aluminum, and brass, often used in combination depending on the individual drum design. Typically, posts are polished solid brass, or plated in chrome or black nickel chrome. Tubes are polished solid stainless steel or plated in black nickel.

We use diecast or 2.3mm triple flange metal hoops, chosen according to the sound design for each drum, or our signature shaped and inlaid maple ply wood hoops.

Carolina Drumworks snares are given top-quality strainers for dependability and ease of use. We typically use Trick Multi strainers in chrome or an all-black finish made especially for us. Other strainer models can be made available as well. For concert snares, we suggest the Pearl SR500 triple strainer.

Snare wires are selected to be responsive for specific styles of music and use. We primarily use Puresound snare wires for kit snare drums, and a selection of cables and wires for concert snare drums, based on individual drum design.

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